DAF Technology

PremierSolutions Advanced DAF Technology

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system:  PremierSolutions DAF technology has proven to be a very effective clarification process technology in removing TSS, O&G, color and heavy metals.  The DAF is a liquid-solid separation process in which microscopic air bubbles become attached to solids particles suspended in a liquid, causing the solid particles to float.  Chemicals are added to achieve coagulation and flocculation of solids.  Comparison between a DAF and a conventional settling clarifier showed the following: a) DAF floor space requirements in most cases is about 15% of a settling tank’s, b) DAF volume is about 5% of a settling tank’s, c) the degree of clarification is more consistent with a DAF system, and sludge concentration is much higher (3-4% vs. 1-2% in a conventional clarifier). d) Operation cost of a DAF system is lower than that of a settling tank due to adequate mixing, and e) installation cost is significantly lower because of pre-fabrication.  Finally, our DAF system is designed to be very operator friendly-simply one pushes to start and one push to stop.