BFR Biological Treatment

PremierSolutions BFR™ Biological Treatment

Advanced Biological Treatment:  Biological treatment refers to the use of microorganisms to destroy or reduce the concentrations of hazardous compounds found in many wastewaters.  In the bio-system, biodegradable organics (BOD5) are removed.  PremierSolutions BFR™ system is a fixed film biological wastewater treatment technology.  The   BFR™ system can be designed to operate aerobically, an-aerobically, and in combination.


PremierSolutions BFR systems have the following components:

  • Complete pre-packed reactor,
  •  Two (2) air blowers (one standby),
  • Stainless steel Air diffusers,
  • External air and water piping,
  • Pressure and temperature gauges,
  • Flow measuring device,
  • Nutrient system and,
  • Dozing pumps.