PremierSolutions consulting services:

  • Project management and evaluation:  Trouble-shooting to improve a process.
  • Pilot work:  To optimize a process design and gain confidence in unknown situations, a pilot system may be used to make sure that a proposed design meets customers expectations and requirements.
  • Process evaluation/optimization:   Design options such as advanced chemical oxidation/reduction reactions, biological processes, carbon adsorption, microfiltration membrane systems, and sludge filtration processes are evaluated for every inquiry.  Our goal is to introduce a process that gives optimum results and is economically sound.
  • Engineering and Design:  Design primary, secondary and tertiary wastewater treatment plants.  Evaluate and design processes to remove ammonia, heavy metals, selenium, non-biodegradable organic compounds by activated carbon adsorption, remove TDS by RO, and ground water remediation by in-situ bioremediation.
  • Sludge d-watering:  Size Belt press or Filter press filtration system to dewater sludge generated in a settling clarifier or a Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) unit, thereby reducing waste volume and disposal costs.
  • Regulatory work:  Review NPDES permit applications and modifications for industrial facilities to insure that waste treatment facilities comply with state and federal regulations.  Inspect and evaluate the performance of industrial wastewater treatment systems.  Review inspection reports, discharge monitoring reports, and bio-monitoring reports before submitting to the agency.  Work with corporate attorneys to develop an appropriate strategy during litigation events.
  • Anoxic reaction and equalization Engineering:  Flow of wastewater in an industrial operation constantly changes in both concentration and pH.  The equalization process minimizes hour-to-hour variation in wastewater flow and composition, and prevents shock from upsetting the downstream chemical or biological processes.  The equalization system has a plug flow type mechanism to prevent short-circuiting of un-mixed wastewater.  To insure that the design parameters of downstream processes are met, pH, COD, and TSS levels are checked in the equalization tank.  The wastewater treatment plant operator is encouraged to monitor this system making sure that the mixer is operating properly.