Why PSI?

Advantages of PremierSolutions, Inc

  • Hands-on experience:  Over twenty five (25) years of hands-on experience in the fields of wastewater treatment and air pollution control.  Experience includes:   Design and operation of advanced chemical oxidation/reduction systems, biological processes, ammonia removal, carbon adsorption, microfiltration systems, in-situ bioremediation and sludge filtration processes.
  • Economics oriented design:  Lower equipment cost, smaller foot-prints leading to lower installation cost, shorter delivery, and significantly low O&M costs.
  • Modular process design:   A design capability to grow as you go, making business expansion easy and economical.
  • Closed-loop design approach:  Recycling the treated water reduces costs for energy and chemicals.  Closed-loop design eliminates the need to buy fresh water and pay to discharge wastewater to a local treatment plant (POTW).  Plants can recycle as much as 90-95% of their intake water.
  • Proven Technologies:   We have an absolute advantage in the textile, apparel, food processing, specialty chemicals, coal mining, wood treating, and tar processing industries over other technologies.  We are experienced in treating ground water by in-situ bioremediation at wood treating and tar processing plants.