Tertiary Treatment

PremierSolutions Tertiary Treatment Processes

The purpose of a tertiary treatment is to remove substances found in wastewater which are not affected by secondary treatment processes.  Therefore, we design following tertiary treatment processes:

  • Biological Treatment of Ammonia:  We design nitrification and de-nitrification systems to remove ammonia from wastewaters.
  • Activated Carbon Adsorption:  In the tertiary treatment step we design an activated carbon system to remove color and non-biodegradable compounds.
  • RO Membrane system:  The RO system is sized to remove TDS and other salts to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Micro-filtration membrane technology:  Our advanced stainless steel skid-mounted membrane system is used to recover products from spent waste in many industries.
  • In-situ bioremediation processes:  Our fixed-film biological reactor is designed to augment and supply constant feed of microorganisms to treat contaminated ground waters.
  • Selenium Treatment Processes:  We design combination of anaerobic/aerobic biological treatment systems to reduce water soluble Selenate and Selenite compounds to water insoluble elemental selenium and sulfate to hydrogen sulfide in mine wastewater discharges.